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Monthly incentive

The top ten members on the leaderboard of the Forum each month will be invited to choose a reward of either a £10 eGift Voucher or a £10 One4all Gift Card.

You earn points for your contributions to the Forum, and the usernames of the 10 members with the most points are displayed on the Forum’s leaderboard. By contributing to the Forum, you consent to your username being displayed on the Forum’s leaderboard.

‘Contributions’ include creating a discussion, commenting on a discussion, voting on a poll, commenting on a poll or completing a survey. Points are not awarded for agreeing and disagreeing with comments.

Winners are announced by the end of the second week of the following month, e.g. a member who is within the top 10 on the leaderboard for January, will be announced in February.

Winners will receive a notification email from Explain Market Research Limited to their email address on or before the end of the second week of the month. The winning users will be asked to confirm the email address for receipt of the eGift Voucher or postal address for receipt of the One4all Gift Card.

The winner will have until the 29th of the same month to respond to the Explain Market Research Limited notification email. If a user does not respond to the notification email within this timeframe the prize will be re-administered.

Please note that additional incentives may be awarded at NWL’s discretion.